Why Choose an English Language School Over a Private Tutor

While there are numerous ways to learn English, enrolling in a language school offers an invaluable set of benefits. But, you may wonder why not go with one-on-one lessons with a private tutor? Why choose to go to a language school when you can simply have a tutor come to your house and focus solely on you?

Although learning English with a tutor can be highly beneficial, a language school has more than a few advantages that can take your learning experience to a whole new level. 

Hand-picked English instructors

Teachers at a language school are highly qualified and carefully vetted. They need to pass through a screening process that entails qualification reviews, background checks, and ongoing performance evaluations.

Private tutors, on the other hand, don’t need to meet such strict criteria. They can be students without experience or who haven’t been trained to teach. After all, teaching is a challenging profession that requires individuals to have a particular set of skills and undergo specialized training to learn how to teach different types of students. Simply put, not everyone can do it. 

Carefully devised English curriculum

English language schools have professionally created lessons that follow a standardized curriculum. Additionally, these teaching plans are made to meet the specific needs of students and their level of English proficiency. 

Unlike tutors, English language schools invest in devising a comprehensive syllabus that consists of carefully selected materials. They also continue monitoring English teaching standards and keep adapting their plans to incorporate the most recent requirements. 

Accreditation requirements

Just like teachers at a language school, the school itself needs to meet certain standards to become accredited. This means that the school meets certain academic requirements that are set by acknowledged institutions such as the Commission of English Language Accreditation.

Once a school becomes accredited, it means that it offers a high level of education and is compliant with industry standards. This means that you, as a student, will be provided with exceptional learning opportunities at an accredited language school. 

Fun & dynamic learning environment

Going to a language school means that you get to learn English in an exciting, stimulating environment. While you’re still provided with an opportunity to sign up for one-on-one lessons, you’re also able to join a group course. 

This means that you can meet other students and make new friends. It also means that you have significantly more learning opportunities since you can communicate with your peers, share learning experiences, and even learn from each other’s mistakes. 

Although a private tutor focuses solely on you, this type of learning can become quite monotonous, which can discourage you from learning English. 

Multicultural & international setting

Another important perk of joining an English course is that you can meet students from all over the world. A great number of schools offer classes for international students, which means that you get to learn not only about English culture but about others as well. 

What’s more, when you’re surrounded by people who don’t speak the same mother tongue, you have no choice but to speak English, which is an immense benefit. 

A wide range of resources

English language schools invest in gathering all kinds of learning materials for their students. This doesn’t refer only to dictionaries, worksheets, books, encyclopedias, and numerous exercises. A high-end school will also have advanced equipment such as interactive whiteboards and facilities for listening activities. 

Of course, a private tutor can also provide you with learning resources, but not to the same extent as a fully-equipped school. 

A greater level of motivation

Finally, learning in a group of students who share the same goal and are at the same level of English proficiency is highly motivating. You can share your experiences and overcome challenges together. Your fellow students can help you out with certain problems and you can also enhance your knowledge by helping them. As you can see, an English language school offers a certain array of benefits that cannot be found elsewhere. You can find more information here about other benefits a language school offers. So, consider enriching your knowledge of English by joining a dynamic course that will provide you with invaluable experience.